Let Your Viewers Vote On Your Media Share. Live.

New Way To Interact

Cliqq.app allows your viewers to submit videos for you to watch and react to on stream.

How It Works

  • 1

    Create Your Page

    Log in Via Twitch To Create Your Personal Page in Cliqq.app
  • 2

    Share Your Page Link

    Share your page link (Ex: cliqq.app/yourname) with your viewers on your twitch page or in chat to allow them to submit videos for you to watch and also vote on videos submitted by other viewers.
  • 3

    Your Viewer Decided Watch Queue

    By allowing your viewers to submit videos and voting on videos submitted by other viewers, you get to watch and react to content your viewership finds the most ENGAGING.
  • 4

    Sit Back And Relax!

    Whenever you feel like watching user submitted videos, go to your page on cliqq.app and watch videos on stream. MAKE SURE TO SHARE YOUR SCREEN ON STREAM.
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Powerful Features Designed With You In Mind

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  • Discover Engaging Content

    Watch the most entertaining videos on stream as decided by your viewers.
  • Your Moderation - Your Rules

    You can easily set the rules for video submission in settings. Minimum Views, Max. Duration etc.

    Set custom timeouts for submission to prevent someone from clogging your playlist. Default is set to 2 mins per submission.
  • No More Boring Book Keeping

    Cliqq automatically keeps track of videos that you haven't watched on stream. So, you can focus on what is IMPORTANT.
  • Made by Indie

    Cliqq.app is created by an someone like you, not a faceless corporation. You can find me on twitter, hit me up. @Peroxide10
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